Book by Oliver Phipps

Diver Creed Station

Wars, disease and a massive collapse of civilization have ravaged the human race of a hundred years in the future. Finally, in the late twenty-second century mankind begins to slowly struggle back from the edge of extinction.

When a huge “virtual life” facility is restored from a hibernation state and carefully brought back online, a renewed hope materializes. thirteen.


Editorial Review

The book starts off with a brief thumbnail history that brings the reader up-to-date and introduces the main characters. In a nutshell: Humankind almost annihilated themselves. They come back from the brink of extinction divided into three groups. Kabers, who are outlaws and killers; Kaberz who are survivalists and the Neotecz a group who is dedicated to finding and utilizing the technology left behind by the old civilizations.

Divine Zape

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“I decided to buy this book because it is the kind of science fiction book that I would like to read and I wasn’t too disappointed. The story consists of an interesting setup of real world vs virtual world.”

"Excellent book. I like this author's writing style. I would say it's a four and one half star book. Will certainly look at the author's other works."
T.F. Hinton
"Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2014 I love Sci-Fi and I love dystopian fiction. Diver Creed Station is the best of both worlds. I absolutely loved everything about this book."
Vision Quest
"The story is thrilling, the characters are deep and compelling and the plot is surprising.I would (and do ) recommend this book to all of my fellow sci-fi lovers. There was no question. It could only ever be a 5 star review from me."