Book by Oliver Phipps

The Withering

Victoria Bartlett is an educated woman from a prominent British family. The year is 1900 and as she travels on an aged steamship to the harsh environment of Egypt, she feels confident and secure in herself.

Fate, however, will not allow Victoria a gentle passage. Ripping the strands of wellbeing from her, it will ultimately cast her essence upon the hard stones of ancient alchemy and desperation.


Editorial Review

I believe I have been repeating myself a lot, but I need to say this again: I love how Phipps builds up tension. My mind goes into overdrive scheming possible outcomes. However, this time I guessed correctly. I remember I was reading this book after my internship in the subway, and I can swear I had this maniacal grin on my face though out the whole book, because my theory was coming to be true. When I came to the end, I nearly shouted “I knew it!”, it was inevitable that Victoria would leave that island sane. What happened to her there? Well, that’s up to you to find out! A small hint: is she really there all-alone?

Divine Zape

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“When I got this book, I thought there was a typo in the page count, but no it really is 54 pages long. Everyone may think it’s too short for a book, but to say the truth those 5 chapters were amazing. I would have liked to read more about Victoria, but still it was enough to get to know her.”

"The withering is a story about a female protagonist from an affluent family in London who has a high social standing and high educational background but remained unmarried since she has not met a man who is educated, has an excellent manner, and also rich."
"The woman at the beginning of the story is one you won't like very much. She finds herself on a small abandoned island, only to find two other women there. The ending left me feeling sorry for her yet feeling that perhaps she got her just deserts. Great read."
"I really enjoyed it, it kept my attention the whole time. its not a small book either, I couldn't wait to see who the women was watching victoria and then about the crazy women. you have to read this, it has a great ending, one that i never saw coming. He has a little bit of everything in this book.I guarantee you will like it."
marcus daniels