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Ghosts and ghost towns. The Civil War and Samurai. Oliver Phipps' work includes a broad spectrum of exciting tales and adventures. From true ghost stories to Flamenco dancing, there is something for almost everyone.

Much of Oliver Phipps' work has foundations in real events from his life. The House on Cooper Lane is based on Oliver's experience's living in a haunted house and his confrontation with the ghosts in that house. Ghosts of Company K is also based on an actual haunting event that Oliver experienced as a young boy.

Oliver has traveled throughout Alaska and visited real Alaskan ghost towns. In Tears of Abandon, the lost ghost town of Whisper is based on real experiences from Oliver's time in Alaska and the desolate ghost towns he visited while in that still rugged wilderness.   

Having traveled to Japan and much of Asia, Oliver has first hand experience in reference to the Samurai and Asian locations you'll find in Ever the Wayward Sky. The list could go on, but this is one reason we say, "from ghosts and ghost towns, to The Civil war and Samurai, there's something for almost everyone in the adventures of Oliver Phipps' work."
Oliver Phipps, American Author