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Where the Strangers Live

When a passenger plane disappears over the Indian Ocean in autumn 2013, a massive search gets underway.

A deep trolling, unmanned pod picks up faint readings and soon the deep-sea submersible Oceana and her three crew members are four miles below the ocean surface in search of the black box from flight N340.


Editorial Review

Nothing could have prepared the submersible crew for what they discover and what happens afterwards. Ancient evils and other world creatures challenge the survival of the Oceana’s crew. Mysteries of the past are revealed, but death hangs in the balance for Sophie, Troy and Eliot in this deep-sea Science Fiction thriller.

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“This was a quick read full of intense action and startling imagery. Scenes are described with such clear detail that it is almost as if one is watching them on a television screen rather than reading them in the pages of a book.”

"In the wake of the missing flight N340, three submariners are sent on a search to locate the aircraft. What they find is incredible and frightening. "
Sophie Lee
"Oliver Phipps again made my day with this short but amazing book. How is it better for me to explain this, I believe the author just used this well-known...."
"This story is about, a missing plane that disappeared over the indian ocean.Three Submariners named Troy, Sophie, and Elliot go in search of the black box , but find something they.."
marcus daniels